8 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Asia

There are countless waterfalls scattered throughout Asian countries, and therefore to pare down a list of the best is harder than it seems. While there are other exquisite waterfalls, the cascades listed below are the most popular ones in their own countries.

No.1 Jog Falls,India

The second highest plunge in India is Jog Falls, which originates from the Sharavathl River. It is located near Sagara taluk, in the Shimoga district in the state of Karnataka. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Karnataka; the sight of surging water thundering down from a massive height is an awesome sight. The river splits into four thundering torrents and plunges from a height of 829 feet.

The rocky terrain sheathed in verdure during monsoons adds splendor to its magnificent sight. A trek down the rocky paths to the waterfall’s base lets you take in the impressive grandeur of the cascades while getting soaked in misty sprays. The best time to visit is during monsoon season.

No.2 Jembong Waterfall,Indonesia

This waterfall is located in Ambengan village, Sukasada district in Northern Bali. Jembong Waterfall is a gently flowing cascade on a sloping terrain surrounded by pristine vegetation. It emanates serenity and solitude. The hike to reach this waterfall is an equally pleasant trip.

This lesser known waterfall has the advantage of limited tourists, making it a salient spot for city dwellers and couples seeking a nature getaway.

No.3 Nachi Falls,Japan

This one is set in the coastal town of Nachi in Wakayama Prefecture. Nachi Falls is Japan’s tallest single drop waterfall. The site surrounding the waterfalls consists of Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine and Seigantoji Temple, which adds a charm to this picturesque panorama.

Though tourists flock to Nachi Falls for its impressive landscape, this gorgeous waterfall has spiritual significance as well. It is included as a UNESCO World Heritage sacred site. The hike through the countryside up to the waterfall is arduous, but rewarding as the view is one of the best in Japan.

No.4 Fudo Falls ,Japan

Tumbling down the Mt. Akagi-yama in Iwate, Fudo Falls is yet another scenic cascade that possibly lists itself as the most beautiful waterfall in Japan. The best aspect is that you will get different experiences in different seasons. The surrounding verdure changes its hues according to the season, and that enhances the vista of this magnificent waterfall throughout the year.

The winters are particularly popular as the cascading waters freeze into icicles (turning the entire panorama into a winter wonderland). Before you get there you need to take a 40-minute walk along a spectacular nature trail.

No.5 Erawan Waterfall,Thailand

Thailand has always been a favourite among tourists taking a trip to Asia, and Erawan Falls helps Thailand live up to the expectations. It’s a great nature destination, and definitely perfect for waterfall hunting. Thailand’s sprawling highlands and nature parks are dotted with innumerable waterfalls. If you are in the city of Bangkok and need a break away from the urban verve, Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi Province is only 3 hours away.

The astounding waterfall is a 7 tier shallow waterfall which you can explore one by one. The treks range from moderate to challenging. They generally get steeper as you go up and the streams from the tiers that blend into emerald pools at its base. Erawan Waterfall is cocooned within a lush green forest giving you an opportunity to explore the refreshing nature and wildlife. Be sure to take a dip or splash around before you climb all the way to the top to view the picturesque blend of wilderness and waterfall.

No.6 Mae Ya Waterfall,Thailand

This one stands at 260 meters tall, and is one among Thailand’s most exquisite waterfalls. It is set at the popular Doi Inthanon National Park on the outskirts of Chiang Mai.

This layered waterfall is a set of mini cascades that plummet down into a gushing stream. The alluring mountains and overhanging cliffs covered in foliage (in addition to the misty waterfalls) make a perfect postcard scenario for visitors. Mae Ya is one among the most scenic Asian waterfalls, and this appealing attraction is a great way to reconnect with nature.

No.7 Pearl Shoal Waterfall,China

This gem is located in Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve in northern Sichuan Province of China. Pearl Shoal Waterfall is one of the most scenic waterfalls in China. The flowing water does not drop directly into the basin, but instead plunges down a shoal face where sunbeams reflect off of the water. This creates a shimmering effect that looks like pearly droplets of water, thus giving it the name Pearl Shoal Waterfalls.

The surrounding landscape is covered in pine trees and China firs that make it a stunning scenic spot worth visiting. The best time to visit is in the summer since the weather is pleasant, and the snowy mountain feeding the falls provides all year. With it being a part of a large nature reserve, there are plenty of natural vistas to explore surrounding the Pearl Shoal Waterfall.

No.8 Huangguoshu Falls,China

This is one of the largest waterfalls in China. Huangguoshu Falls is set in Huangguoshu Waterfall National Park on the Baishui River in Anshun, Guizhou province. This segmented block type waterfall is actually a cluster of minor waterfalls plummeting down from a height of 243 feet.

The waterfall scenery can be viewed from three different perspectives. The waterfall-viewing pavilion lets you view the whole waterfall from a distance, water-viewing stage gives you a bird’s eye view of the falls, and the third stage is where you can watch the falls from a worm’s eye view. Best time to visit is from June to September.