10 Most beautiful Waterfalls in the World

Seriously, there are amazing waterfalls on each continent across the globe! There is something intimidating about the sheer strength of the water falling down that only adds to their appeal. Below (in no particular order) are some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the world…

No1. Dynjandi Waterfall, Westfjords of Iceland

Dynjandi is the most famous waterfall of the Westfjords, and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Iceland. It is actually a cascade of waterfalls (7 of them) that make up a 300 foot (100 meter) drop total. The top part of the waterfall is the one that is photographed the most and is said to be about 98 ft (30m) at the top and 196 ft (60 m) at the bottom.

No2. Angel Falls, Venezuela

No3. Godafoss Waterfall, Iceland

Godafoss, pronounced “GO-thuh-foss” (Never would have guessed that one, but I found out I am terrible and pronouncing anything Icelandic) is a one of a kind Icelandic waterfall. It is located on the north side of the island not far from the Lake Myvatn and the ring road. If you drive the ring road in Iceland (popular trip) this will be one of your must see stops. This horseshoe shaped waterfall comes in at over 98 feet wide (30 meters) and 39 feet high (12 meters).

No4. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

No5. Kleivafossen Waterfall, Norway

No6. Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Gullfoss is deservedly Iceland’s most famous waterfall. Photos cannot capture just how beautiful this waterfall is in person, or the endless roar it makes. In person, it is also a lot bigger than the pictures make it seem. The water is glacier runoff that ultimately flows into the ocean. The average amount of water running over this waterfall nearly doubles in the summer, so imagine twice the volume you see in these pictures. In English, this waterfall means Golden Falls.

No7. Daxin waterfall, Nanning, China

No8. Niagra Falls, Canada/United States

No9. Haifoss Waterfall, Iceland

Háifoss plunges 400 feet (122 meters) over a cliff making it the second highest waterfall in Iceland (Glymur is tallest and also featured in this post). One feature that makes this waterfall unique besides its height is that it has a smaller waterfall named Granni immediately next to it.

No10. Thor’s Well, United States (Oregon)